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Three pictures of sonograms of fetuses.
Welcome to Koala Labs
Welcome to Koala Labs, led by consultant sonologist and obstetrician Dr. John D. Stephens, with offices in Palo Alto, CA and Blaine, WA. Our lab features the latest cutting-edge technology in the first trimester for the health of your unborn baby (ULTRA-SCREEN®). FASASM (fetal anatomic sex assignment) can provide 100% accuracy fetal sex determination by ultrasound in the 12th week using Dr. Stephens' U.S. patented technique. We welcome you to learn more about Koala Labs in Palo Alto, CA and Blaine, WA, FASA SM and Dr. Stephens. Here at Koala Labs, we can help you find the answers to those two burning questions…

Dr Stephens can now offer cfDNA blood test to screen for chromosomes such as Trisomy + 21 (Downs syndrome) and FETAL SEX. Must be at least 10 weeks.

Is my baby healthy and is it a boy or a girl?

To contact our obstetrics and sonography offices in Palo Alto, CA or Blaine, WA, ask the Dr. questions, or to learn more about our practice, please email us at this address:


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